No SkyRail Frankston Line Petition


The Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council, the risks and issues relating to the removal of Level Crossings on the Frankston train line. We the Petitioners highlight to the Legislative Council of Victoria that the Sky Rail will:

  • Negatively impact neighborhood character.
  • Create a visual bulk, overshadow property and reduce daylight.
  • Attract crime and anti-social behavior including vandalism, graffiti and dumping of rubbish.
  • Decrease property values.
  • Increase noise to the surrounding community.
  • Have a catastrophic impact on small businesses.

The Petitioners therefore request that the Premier of Victoria and the Government:

a) Immediately rule out the proposed SkyRail in Carrum and work with the community on a rail under road solution.

b) Stop the proposed closure of Eel Race Rd in Carrum with a view to leaving it "as is" or constructing a rail under road solution.

c) Consult with the community about the proposed Level Crossing designs for Cheltenham and Mentone.

d) Immediately rule out a Skyrail at train stations in Parkdale and Mordialloc.

e) Clarify the Governments position on future upgrades and changes to the Level Crossing at Warrigal Rd on the border of Mentone and Parkdale.


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