Do Not Narrow Beach Rd Petition

do_not_narrow_beach_rd.jpgThe Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council, the risks and issues relating to the proposed narrowing of Beach Rd by Kingston Council. We the Petitioners highlight to the Legislative Council of Victoria that the proposed narrowing of Beach Rd will:

  • Present an immediate danger to road users and pedestrians;
  • Negatively impact neighborhood character and amenity;
  • Decrease the number of roadside parking spaces for local residents;
  • Reduce the number of parking spaces for lifesaving clubs;
  • Decrease the clearance between bikes and motorists; 
  • Increase noise, traffic and congestion to the surrounding streets in the suburbs of Mordialloc, Parkdale and Mentone;
  • Increase public safety risks, especially during events such as fun runs, marathons, triathlons and cycling events;

The Petitioners therefore request that the Premier of Victoria and the Government:

a) Immediately step in and protect the public from these risks and issues;

b) Ensure the community has been properly consulted before any decision is made by VicRoads or a Minister.


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