United Energy Petition - Victorian Government

To the Legislative Council of Victoria.

The Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council, that privatised power companies are making consumers pay for their upgrades, while they take the profits.

We the Petitioners highlight to the Legislative Council of Victoria that we believe United Energy has:

  • Tried to shift costs to consumers, related to maintenance and upgrades of their assets.
  • Failed to upgrade & maintain their assets, e.g.: cnr Hebert St and Como Parade in Parkdale.
  • Created a safety hazard and risk to the community next to a kids playground, Maternal Child & Health & Breast Feeding Support building and power lines connected to an aged care facility with people on life support, in the municipality of Kingston.

The Petitioners therefore request that the Premier of Victoria and the Government immediately conduct a wide ranging regulatory inquiry into the electricity industry covering:  

a) the practice of making consumers pay for maintaining or upgrading assets;

b) the practice of forcing consumers to pay specific companies to conduct such maintenance;

c) whether electricity distributors such as United Energy are currently meeting legal obligations, guidelines, ISO standards, safety and maintenance obligations;

d) a review of Energy Safe Victoria and the Energy & Water Ombudsman Victoria;

e) whether the regulatory environment (including enforcement, reporting and penalties) are “fit for purpose”;

f) whether the Energy & Water Ombudsman Victoria should be a consumer advocate with broader powers.

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